‘Sry’ is a piece about dealing with issues in a self-destructive manner. It might be better to trick your mind into thinking you’re all right by doing things such as smiling in the mirror, appreciating little things, etc.


‘Mindtricks’ is a piece about depression and psychological illness. A societal view is often rooted in a solution-based idea that everything needs to be fixed as fast as possible and as easily as possible. The problem is psychological issues are hard to deal with and they take time.


‘Emotions’ is a short statement following the previous poem ‘Feelings’. It’s a piece about the perception that ignoring your emotions is healthier than being emotional all the time because being sad can be viewed as unnecessary and often ignored especially in today’s social media world.


‘Feelings’ is a short statement. A piece about the perception that having or showing emotions is a sign of weakness. In today’s social media world we teach our kids to only show the good parts of life and ignore the bad ones. This results in feelings bottling up inside until they explode, which isn’t a healthy behavior.


The poem ‘In-check’ is about learning to get to know yourself, your feelings, your moods, and how you can get yourself out of really bad situations. Wallowing in self-pity only reinforces the bad situation, so realizing that it’s about to occur can help you move on, even if it’s hard.