Tag: Self-reflection


Janzajma poetry breakup

‘Weak’ is about being stuck, not having moved on, and feeling weak because of it. You’re drawn to contact your old flame, but as soon as you do, the split second after you press send, you’re filled with regret. This ping-pong goes back and forth a few times until enough time has passed and you become strong.



Janzajma poetry pride

In Denmark we have this belief that one should be humble all the time and never gloat. While for some this argument might be valid as the world does not revolve around that one person, but at the same time it can hurt our confidence because we don’t believe what we do matters. It’s important to be humble, no doubt about that. At the same time it’s important to take a step back and acknowledge the success that one has had and be proud of it.


Janzajma poetry foreign

The poem ‘Foreigner’ is about being from a different background and trying to accept it. It’s a journey of being ashamed in public of having a different background because one worries what others think of you. This leads to overcompensation in acting how the new culture acts or wants you to act. This may force you to abandon old values that you actually cared about. The poem is about finding a balance and realizing that it is not a burden, but a blessing in disguise as you’re able to connect with more people because of your broader background and that it’s something you should be proud of. This is something I especially learned and experienced when I did a trip abroad to Amsterdam, a place where, allegedly, around 50% of the inhabitants are immigrants.


Janzajma poetry break-up

Forest and plants is a recurring theme in many of my poems. The idea is that everything forms life and that there’s energy in everything. Some things, however, go bad and rotten. Bad relationships for example. ‘Leaves’ is a poem about noticing and trying different things to learn to know yourself and not put yourself in the same situation. Sometimes, leaves can barely hold onto a tree and other times they can survive through a storm.