Field of mines

It has disappeared
before it came back
gave value to the bad times
enjoying a walk through a field of armed mines

Wounds need to reopen to heal properly
hiding underneath your skin
they’ll never disappear
wonder with your mind, see and hear

Author’s note:

‘Field of mines’ is a piece about not ignoring the bad times and going through them in order to get better. Building up emotions inside can result in them bottling up and exploding at some point.

Signature White


Let me down slowly
else I’ll let go forever
and forget you
you wouldn’t want that
my mind yours even if it goes mad

I’ll enjoy missing you
as much as I’ll loathe it
the hole you’ll leave behind
cannot be occupied
until shovel in the ground is applied

Author’s note:

‘Shovel’ is a poem about resentment toward an ex.

Signature White