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If we all

Janzajma poetry happiness

‘If we all’ is a poem written on a snowy day in Amsterdam. Going out in the snow and enjoying the cold can bring so much joy even though we strive for heat. It’s important to appreciate the little things!



Janzajma poetry pride

In Denmark we have this belief that one should be humble all the time and never gloat. While for some this argument might be valid as the world does not revolve around that one person, but at the same time it can hurt our confidence because we don’t believe what we do matters. It’s important to be humble, no doubt about that. At the same time it’s important to take a step back and acknowledge the success that one has had and be proud of it.


Janzajma poetry abstract

‘Cactus’ is a theme I’ve touched in songs for many years. The idea of being a cactus is based on being all alone in the middle of nowhere with pointy ends pushing anything that comes close away. In ‘Cactus’, flowers get close to the cactus and are not afraid of getting close to it. This creates huge confusion, the cactus not needing much water, which sparks the latter idea that rice does not need water if someone can get close to the cactus. Anything is possible.


Janzajma poetry relationship

People think and act rationally, usually. ‘Choice’ plays around with that thought and wonders what would happen if one didn’t choose the obvious choice, but gave a ‘stupid, short term choice’ a chance. The poem reflects a person’s inner thoughts flying around as they are overthinking the situation, considering every outcome.