The road ahead

The road in front of us is empty
So why are you acting like we’re waiting in line?

Author’s note:

‘The road ahead’ is about feeling ready to be very intimate with someone and them wanting to take it slow. It’s a slightly aggressive piece reflecting the inner feelings of longing for the other person.

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It used to come to me
that mixed feeling of despise and excitement
now it’s gone
I guess I’m okay; done

I do miss it though
weirdly enough
not you, just the feeling
No more reeling

Author’s note:

‘Reeling’ is a poem about being over someone. How feelings of longing for them and despising them can change so fast.

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Three paths, one truth

You dried out
I forgot it was my duty
thought we’d share
imagined the mutual future
not the instant rupture

You overflowed
because I played
thought we both saw it
imagined you physical
not the current digital

You seemed happy
shared it with me
thought we’d swim forever without drowning
imagined we’d appreciate the beauty of the moment
not worry about an unprecedented dissonant

Author’s note:

‘Three paths, one truth’ is a poem about overthinking and being unsure how to go about a new relationship. Should you go fast, go slow, is it mutual, is it only one person in it?

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Physical pain can usually be cured by a pill
psychological only by sheer will
Give it time

There is no quick fix
your mind is playing tricks
Acknowledge the situation

Know yourself and your mind
only then will you find

Author’s note:

‘Mindtricks’ is a piece about depression and psychological illness. A societal view is often rooted in a solution-based idea that everything needs to be fixed as fast as possible and as easily as possible. The problem is psychological issues are hard to deal with and they take time.

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the trip I embark on
let me swim miles every morning
while you sunbathe and read a ton

you left to Tranquility Base
you’re highlighted from a distance
you know, it’s easily seen on your face

gets dry and drunk
lost in the sea
solely sunk

Author’s note:

‘Brightness-level’ is an abstract piece about opposites.

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The best tool for survival
is knowing yourself
strengths and limitations
equal aspirations

The worst idea is to
postpone understanding
seeing only a single way
when a pair is there to stay

Ignoring thoughts
increasing weight on your shoulders
pick up the pen
acknowledge your time in the den

and move on

Author’s note:

The poem ‘In-check’ is about learning to get to know yourself, your feelings, your moods, and how you can get yourself out of really bad situations. Wallowing in self-pity only reinforces the bad situation, so realizing that it’s about to occur can help you move on, even if it’s hard.

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