For the first time in a long time
I’m excited to see where it goes
it ain’t here
Unable to steer

Sometimes love just disappears
even before it develops
I wish you were here
do you feel me, can you hear?

Author’s note:

‘Steer’ is a piece about having a different view in the beginning of a relationship, but wanting to try something different and letting the other part set the pace. Being overeager can quickly kill something that could have developed into a beautiful relationship.

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Waiting game

I don’t know you
but I want your arms around me
before it’s too late
don’t let me wait

I’m eager to see you
ready behind my sniper rifle
your weapon of choice is a shotgun
you’ve got many choices, I might have none

Author’s note:

‘Waiting game’ is a piece about having a different view in the beginning of a relationship. Feelings develop in different speed and this poem is about finding a fitting balance in between it all.

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It used to come to me
that mixed feeling of despise and excitement
now it’s gone
I guess I’m okay; done

I do miss it though
weirdly enough
not you, just the feeling
No more reeling

Author’s note:

‘Reeling’ is a poem about being over someone. How feelings of longing for them and despising them can change so fast.

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Three paths, one truth

You dried out
I forgot it was my duty
thought we’d share
imagined the mutual future
not the instant rupture

You overflowed
because I played
thought we both saw it
imagined you physical
not the current digital

You seemed happy
shared it with me
thought we’d swim forever without drowning
imagined we’d appreciate the beauty of the moment
not worry about an unprecedented dissonant

Author’s note:

‘Three paths, one truth’ is a poem about overthinking and being unsure how to go about a new relationship. Should you go fast, go slow, is it mutual, is it only one person in it?

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Blinking lights

The sky is full of blinking lights
all for you, none for me
a sign of life for everyone to see
is this how it’s supposed to be

The trees have split
a leaf now leaves later
barren and untouched
beautiful and uncrutched

Author’s note:

‘Blinking lights’ is a piece inspired by Mark Oliver Everett (also known as E) from the band Eels. One of my favorite artists to listen to when I’m a bit down. The poem centers around an imbalance in a relationship.

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