Our colors are the same
but still we’re split in the middle
One side is full, the other feels little

Author’s note:

‘Split’ is a somewhat abstract piece about mirroring oneself in your partner whilst sacrificing yourself wholly. Going all in while the other person lingers.

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Why is it
that love comes in doubles
for those who are unable to see
with whom they are meant to be

When does
reaching for one
gain you two
an overflow of what to do

What will
the dance entail
how far
until you break the savings jar

Author’s note:

‘Withdraw’ is centered around not knowing which choices to take.

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Shutting off
because I don’t believe
in my own ability to re-energize

Stating out
before seeing myself finish
get away to replenish

Thinking about
small details no one wonders
allocated to mountains

Getting rough
trying to understand
who’s going to hold my hand

Breathing in
closing my eyes
shutting off, out

Author’s note:

‘Out’ is about getting in that mood. It’s about being hit with anxiety. It’s about feeling like you want to give up. It’s also about noticing it and wanting to restart.

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