Three paths, one truth

You dried out
I forgot it was my duty
thought we’d share
imagined the mutual future
not the instant rupture

You overflowed
because I played
thought we both saw it
imagined you physical
not the current digital

You seemed happy
shared it with me
thought we’d swim forever without drowning
imagined we’d appreciate the beauty of the moment
not worry about an unprecedented dissonant

Author’s note:

‘Three paths, one truth’ is a poem about overthinking and being unsure how to go about a new relationship. Should you go fast, go slow, is it mutual, is it only one person in it?

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I sing someone else’s words
Because my own voice is about to crack

Author’s note:

‘Hide’ is a two-fold metaphor. On one hand being thankful for other people having experienced a similar emotion and you thus being able to relate to them. This could be through poetry, a song, movie, etc. The other angle is being passive and agreeing to follow the other person despite what you feel like.

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Expand your reach
without sacrificing
acknowledge the timing
darkness cannot bleach

Retract your understanding
nothing is set in stone
be true and notice when
you’re prepared for the landing

Author’s note:

‘Landing’ is a self-reflective piece about getting to know oneself and reflect on what it is you are searching for.

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Right now or forever
Makes no difference
Time is a variable
That’s undeniable

Everything can change
Anything can happen
Murphy’s law in full effect
Or is my reality defect

Author’s note:

‘Midterm’ is a more abstract piece about relationships and considering whether the specific relationship is worth it or not.

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Long term

Small flaws
Make us give up
Make us flop

Living in a fish pond
A never ending search
With no desire to sacrifice
That one flaw nulls the entice

What’s the point
If there’s no possible future
Can it be imagined, nursed and created
And the relationship elevated

Author’s note:

‘Long term’ is a piece about relationships and considering whether your partners flaws are deal-breakers or if it’s something that you imagine that they are. Is there even such a thing as a deal-breaker and where is the line?

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