Physical pain can usually be cured by a pill
psychological only by sheer will
Give it time

There is no quick fix
your mind is playing tricks
Acknowledge the situation

Know yourself and your mind
only then will you find

Author’s note:

‘Mindtricks’ is a piece about depression and psychological illness. A societal view is often rooted in a solution-based idea that everything needs to be fixed as fast as possible and as easily as possible. The problem is psychological issues are hard to deal with and they take time.

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Shutting off
because I don’t believe
in my own ability to re-energize

Stating out
before seeing myself finish
get away to replenish

Thinking about
small details no one wonders
allocated to mountains

Getting rough
trying to understand
who’s going to hold my hand

Breathing in
closing my eyes
shutting off, out

Author’s note:

‘Out’ is about getting in that mood. It’s about being hit with anxiety. It’s about feeling like you want to give up. It’s also about noticing it and wanting to restart.

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How or why
do you think and try
do I need to cry
to stay safe when I fly

Where and when
do we get on ten
get out of the wolf’s den
and find our zen

What or who
knows it too
what it’s like to be blue
and seeking something true

comes after your twitch
a much needed stitch
finally a road to go; a bad habit to switch

Author’s note:

‘Acceptance’ is an abstract poem touching on anxiety.

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Noticed by the owls
smart, fancy individuals
celebrating victory
hiding my hollow visuals

Bricks piling
this is Denmark
lightbulb imploding
everything returns to dark

The only way forward
is to go backwards to old ways
realize feelings disperse and avenge;
show up after many fine days

Author’s note:

‘Social’ is about having anxiety in any form. Whether its present all the time as a sort of demon hanging over your life or it presents itself through an anxiety attack. It’s about struggling to make sense.

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Having everything
is dangerous
because the more you have going your way
the more can be taken away

It scares me
to have more and more
even though with awe I look ahead
I’m vary of becoming stuck to my bed

It’s weird
suddenly being in control
but the odds of fucking it up
increase with every shared cup

I’d rather
have had you and lose you again
that void of missing our fit
no way to prepare for it

Author’s note:

‘Everything’ is a counter-piece to the recently released ‘Nothing’ poem. It takes on the opposite thought-process of having it all and worrying about losing everything.

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Having nothing
means everything
because the less you own
the more by the tiniest things you’re thrown

Appreciation is lifted
and reciprocated
the less you have, the more you share
Not much to lose, more to dare

Few material possessions
rich in mind
with that I’ll end
and let my thoughts amend

Author’s note:

Not much to say about ‘Nothing’. Less is more in its purity. Meta much?

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We’re bound by ourselves
Our inability to socialize
Hoping it isn’t so
A constant reprise

Repeat repeat repeat
Unable to act
In the same situations
Wanting easily to attract

Pain isn’t the same
As respect or freezing
It comes out at times
Blocks opportunity-seizing

Instead we freeze and fall back
To the classic writer’s block
Grab it, take it, share it
With a new flock

Author’s note:

‘Generation’ is about how technology overtakes our lives and makes us more closed people. We would rather spend time on our phones while with other people instead of seeing what’s in front of us.

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A stranger, immigrant, outsider
I have been called each one
No respect for my background being wider
Even I didn’t have none

Doesn’t matter if it was my choice or not
I chose to be here and chose to stay
I feel that locals treat a foreigner like a robot
All of us the same, with one goal of destroying their way

I’ve seen my heritage as problematic
a complication that would never go away
trying to hide it up in the attic
Being accepted by acting like what the locals do and say

Up until now I’ve seen it as baggage
this culture clash I’m in
but being away helped me manage
and realize the true beauty and potential within

Author’s note:

The poem ‘Foreigner’ is about being from a different background and trying to accept it. It’s a journey of being ashamed in public of having a different background because one worries what others think of you. This leads to overcompensation in acting how the new culture acts or wants you to act. This may force you to abandon old values that you actually cared about. The poem is about finding a balance and realizing that it is not a burden, but a blessing in disguise as you’re able to connect with more people because of your broader background and that it’s something you should be proud of. This is something I especially learned and experienced when I did a trip abroad to Amsterdam, a place where, allegedly, around 50% of the inhabitants are immigrants.

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