It’s so satisfying to hit the wall
As hard as you can
Feel the pain
Nothing to lose, nothing to gain

Author’s note:

‘Wall’ is about being in a self-destructive mood where everything feels pointless. You know nothing good can come out of punching a wall, but at the same time you’re so down that you don’t see what bad it could cause to get your emotions out.

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Physical pain can usually be cured by a pill
psychological only by sheer will
Give it time

There is no quick fix
your mind is playing tricks
Acknowledge the situation

Know yourself and your mind
only then will you find

Author’s note:

‘Mindtricks’ is a piece about depression and psychological illness. A societal view is often rooted in a solution-based idea that everything needs to be fixed as fast as possible and as easily as possible. The problem is psychological issues are hard to deal with and they take time.

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Remember to cry
In order to smile

Author’s note:

‘Emotions’ is a short statement following the previous poem ‘Feelings’. It’s a piece about the perception that ignoring your emotions is healthier than being emotional all the time because being sad can be viewed as unnecessary and often ignored especially in today’s social media world.

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Having feelings isn’t a sign of weakness

Author’s note:

‘Feelings’ is a short statement. A piece about the perception that having or showing emotions is a sign of weakness. In today’s social media world we teach our kids to only show the good parts of life and ignore the bad ones. This results in feelings bottling up inside until they explode, which isn’t a healthy behavior.

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Let go

Sometimes I feel like
Damaged goods
these thoughts come back
through various states and moods

Emotionally I feel strong and mature
still I wonder
If I’m only comfortable in negative times
and in positives I flounder

Reaching out
you grab my hand and hold on tight
instead of appreciating the gesture
I solely consider my potential fright

How can we know
what’s potential and what’s true anymore
if we cannot move ahead
because we’re afraid of not holding the door

Author’s note:

‘Let go’ is a piece that reflects an instrumental tune I made of a same theme. The tune is recurring and resembles one’s state of mind.

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Shutting off
because I don’t believe
in my own ability to re-energize

Stating out
before seeing myself finish
get away to replenish

Thinking about
small details no one wonders
allocated to mountains

Getting rough
trying to understand
who’s going to hold my hand

Breathing in
closing my eyes
shutting off, out

Author’s note:

‘Out’ is about getting in that mood. It’s about being hit with anxiety. It’s about feeling like you want to give up. It’s also about noticing it and wanting to restart.

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