Too little too late

Giving me things now
Won’t make me forget
I’m not ready yet

Author’s note:

‘Too little too late’ is about being set aside. It’s about a childhood dream fading and facing reality.

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It’s so satisfying to hit the wall
As hard as you can
Feel the pain
Nothing to lose, nothing to gain

Author’s note:

‘Wall’ is about being in a self-destructive mood where everything feels pointless. You know nothing good can come out of punching a wall, but at the same time you’re so down that you don’t see what bad it could cause to get your emotions out.

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Loss of trust

Doing everything you can
in any situation
even more than necessary
An uneven equation

It’s easier to just say yes
agree out of kindness
then they take your word
and abuse it, mindless

You will lose my trust
if you burn that bridge
but don’t say I’m unreasonable
when I tried to compromise at every hitch

Once you choose this route
you’ll reach our point of no return
and I’d like to say that the bridge between us
… let it burn

Author’s note:

The poem ‘Loss of trust’ is a story about having friends that have a different world-view than regular people, which you typically put up with. In short, they be crazy, okay? The piece is about them finally drawing the final straw and doing something unforgivable and you letting go of them.

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