Endless crying
Not even trying
To solve my issues
Easier to grab the tissues

Author’s note:

‘Endless’ is ironically very short. Go figure.

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Open your eyes and see a thousand times better than through any screen
No matter the amount of pixels, true beauty it will come between
FOMO, is the new black
Everyone’s clothing is on track

We think it’s smart and functional,
And that our need to check it is optional
A fun addiction that came out of nowhere like a game
If we keep at it we’ll lose friends but might gain short term fame

Why is this disease spreading everywhere
Even the haters take a peek here and there
Sadly it is not short but most their lives
With time everyone’s hope dies

In the end we’re all alone,
Just arrived home, first thing I do is look at my phone
Before I wasn’t there and now you aren’t
Before I was unsure now it’s apparent

Author’s note:

‘Open’ is about how many live through their phones in todays society. I wrote this in a moment of self-reflection of always being conscious of my phone use and the need to use it.

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I’m bored and alone
Do I truly want you to be mine
Is that feeling real or fictional
Are you just a filler of time

I don’t know where you are
and it’s both scary and exciting
Are you in a forest, a sea, or a desert
I want to know if I’m to your liking

The world turns upside down
I’m at a crossroads in a raincoat
Is it fair to even ask or imply
Am I part of sinking a fine boat

No matter the trip I’ve been through
No matter what I feel and hope you do
No matter if this is simply a defense mechanism
You can do better than me… or is that not true?

Author’s note:

‘Who’ is the first poem I ever released to the public, but it was far from the first one I wrote. I started writing things down seriously in 2012, but shared this poem during the fall of 2017.

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