Asking me to be patient for your love
Is like yelling at a deaf person

It’s the only way to reach you
But I have a hard time hanging on

Please take a chance on me
Because I don’t have the energy to continue

Author’s note:

‘Deaf’ is a piece about being stuck.

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Some say a broken heart heals faster than a sprained one
So crush my hope
Don’t let me believe
Don’t be a thief

Some say a sprained bone hurts longer than a broken one
So toss my hands
Don’t hold them tight
Don’t let me fight

Some say a hung up spirit hurts more over time than a sad one
So flush my pedestal
Don’t look down on me
Don’t, just let me be

Author’s note:

‘Sprained’ is a piece about the other person not being right for you and you perhaps not realizing it or doing so, but refusing to let go because you’re hanging on to a shiver of hope that they might be what you need.

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Finding comfort in the cold
Sitting, shivering
The cold wind triggers the tears
Letting go of fears

Just survive somehow
Reify, rationalize
Unable to worry
Body vs. cold, the only valid story

A precarious solution
Yet, yearning
Currently choosing to trick the mind
Later I don’t know what I’ll find

Author’s note:

‘Sry’ is a piece about dealing with issues in a self-destructive manner. It might be better to trick your mind into thinking you’re all right by doing things such as smiling in the mirror, appreciating little things, etc.

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You leave me fully charged
Hidden away in your drawer
My battery deflates with each missed consideration
100% is untrue, says this equation

I show you what you expect
A wide and exciting chemistry
While my own values are put aside
I choose to fake it and abide

Author’s note:

‘Electricity’ is about putting up with being set aside even though you give that other person everything you’ve got.

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