Are my pains over
as soon as you come closer
are your plans under
what I’ve decided to bet on

Is your plan open
for interpretation
is my understanding closed
is it set in stone

Author’s note:

‘Future’ is an abstract piece about weighing a relationship back and forth.

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the trip I embark on
let me swim miles every morning
while you sunbathe and read a ton

you left to Tranquility Base
you’re highlighted from a distance
you know, it’s easily seen on your face

gets dry and drunk
lost in the sea
solely sunk

Author’s note:

‘Brightness-level’ is an abstract piece about opposites.

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The best tool for survival
is knowing yourself
strengths and limitations
equal aspirations

The worst idea is to
postpone understanding
seeing only a single way
when a pair is there to stay

Ignoring thoughts
increasing weight on your shoulders
pick up the pen
acknowledge your time in the den

and move on

Author’s note:

The poem ‘In-check’ is about learning to get to know yourself, your feelings, your moods, and how you can get yourself out of really bad situations. Wallowing in self-pity only reinforces the bad situation, so realizing that it’s about to occur can help you move on, even if it’s hard.

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Let go

Sometimes I feel like
Damaged goods
these thoughts come back
through various states and moods

Emotionally I feel strong and mature
still I wonder
If I’m only comfortable in negative times
and in positives I flounder

Reaching out
you grab my hand and hold on tight
instead of appreciating the gesture
I solely consider my potential fright

How can we know
what’s potential and what’s true anymore
if we cannot move ahead
because we’re afraid of not holding the door

Author’s note:

‘Let go’ is a piece that reflects an instrumental tune I made of a same theme. The tune is recurring and resembles one’s state of mind.

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